Testimonials from Appraisers about AppraiserUSA.com:

Please note that we have been in business since 1999 and we NEVER solicit by phone and NEVER send out spam email to sell directory positions at AppraiserUSA.com. Beware of any phone solicitations or spam you get from any appraisal directory. The good directories do not use these tactics, they do not have to.

The testimonials below were received from appraisers who are listed in the AppraiserUSA.com directory:

"Thank you for providing this service! I actually get a lot of calls from folks who found my listing on your web site. It is great that you have created this opportunity for exposure for members of the appraiser community."
Tim - Appraisal Land LLC

"Just a short and sincere thank you for a website that works and a company that succeeds. Of all sites that have contacted us for a 'fee', NONE have ever been responsible for an appraisal order except AppraiserUSA.com. We are in a rural market area, but have probably received a dozen or so orders over the years directly from your site, and that is hands down the best results from any source regardless of fee. Congratulations, and thanks again."
Douglas - BOSS General Appraisal

"I have been out of the mortgage appraisal grind for over 2 years, and have not accepted an assignment from an AMC for over 10 years. AppraiserUSA is one of the reasons my non-lending and litigation work keeps me busy."
Frank - Gregoire & Gregoire, Inc.

"I got in early with your company. Each year thereafter, I would try with one of your competitors for perhaps 5 years. I never got the first assignment from any of them, only you. I don't know your secret but I got a steady flow of work as a result of Appraiser USA. Not overwhelming, but steady. You also were there for me with free advise when I had questions about servers, etc. It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope for your continued success. Sincerely soon retired,"
Chris Van Slooten - Advanced Appraisal Services, Inc.

"I am thrilled to obtain the 2-5 slot in Appraiser USA. Thanks again for providing this service - receive much non-lender work from the site!"
Kim - KJM Residential Appraisals

"Thank YOU for being running one of the best business investments I ever made!!"
Al Zielinski - FAST Appraisals

"Appraiser USA is, without doubt, the best site for people to find an appraiser. I appreciate Wayne and all he has done over the years."
Chris Jackson - Home Town Appraisals

"I have been pleased with your service and I usually get one or two commercial appraisals each week from my listings. Keep up the good work!"
James - US Property Valuation

"Leaving the appraisal profession after over 25 years, I can without a doubt state that my AppraiserUSA listings generated more consistent business leads than any other medium including the old Yellow Pages. Even in today's appraisal environment, AMCs tend to search AppraiserUSA for appraisers in areas where they have no coverage. And when they call, I know they are needy and quote nothing but full fees. Best of luck to all!"
Richard - North Country Appraisal Services

"We have been listed on AppraiserUSA since 2005, and every year it continues to be one of the best sources we have for securing new appraisal business!"
Ms. Boone Smith - Bayview Appraisal Associates

"I get tons of requests to go on sites, but as I stated you have performed extremely well in comparison to your competitors. Plain and simple.............it works."
Larry - Grady Appraisals

"I have retired but have nothing but praise for your company. I would be happy to endorse you at any time. Thanks."
Jim Mitchell

"This website is a great tool for the appraiser and the results from advertising here have exceeded my expectations."
Joshua - Cumberland Appraisal Company

"I will be renewing my subscription. I believe that your site brings me the most work out of all of them. If you ever need a referral, please feel free to give my name and number. "
Ralph - Garden State Appraisal Group Inc.

"I just wanted to let you know that I think appraiserusa.com is the best thing going and I get so much work from this website. Thank you for your fine work!"
Sharon - Accurate Appraisals Incorporated

"Your site is the best! More than 75% of "call in" new business is directed from Appraiser USA."
Vivian - Liberty Appraisal Services

"I just want you to know, yours has been the best site by far for attracting extra income to my business. I try and remember to ask potential new contacts how they found me, and more times than not, they reply "appraiserusa.com". Very much worth the investment, and pays for itself with the 1st job. I've tried the other sites, and seldom get any kind of positive result"
Jess Smith - McAllen Valuation Services

"Dear Wayne, thank you for having your website. If It wasn't for your web site I'd probably be bankrupt or in the unemployment line looking for a new career. Once I became an FHA approved appraiser, I listed with your company. It was the smartest thing I've done in a long time, and your fees are so reasonable, I couldn't pass it up. And now, 98% of my FHA appraisals comes from you and your web site. Thank God for Appraiser Usa! Not only has it kept my head above water, we're actually saving now. Again Wayne, thank you so much for your site and your prompt responses when I've had questions."
Anthony - Lamandre Appraisals

"Thank you for the fantastic results from your listing service. I received many appraisal jobs through my listing with you (many more than ANY other listing). I can definitely say that I received much more from your services than I paid for them."
Michael K. Terry - M.K.Terry Appraisals

"Appraisal Group of the Northern Neck would like to thank you for allowing us to list on your website. Since our enrollment 3 months ago, we have been contacted by four new clients, which produced work with three of the four new clients. We appreciate your help in advertising our business."
G Scott Travers - Appraisal Group of the Northern Neck

"I wanted to let you know that over the last several years I have gotten a lot of business through your website. Your website has been by far the best advertising I have ever done."
Greg Holbrook - Accurate Valuation Appraisal Services

"I have been signed up with 10 National Appraiser websites over the past year. I have kept track of the appraisals I've received from each of them and I must be honest. I get more appraisals from your website than anyone else by 50%."
Scott Lunders - Scott Lunders Appraisals

"I would also like to thank you for the listing as I receive 1-2 new orders a week as a result of my listing on your site."
David M. Sawyer - Appraisals in Paradise, Inc

"First, I have to say again what a great website you run. I get more calls from it than I do from all the others combined. (I probably shouldn't tell you that, you'll raise the rates!) I also want you to know that, for those lenders who have not heard of your site, I am always recommending it. Easy to use for both the lender and the appraiser."
Clint Bruce - Southwest Appraisal Service

"As you can tell by this e-mail, I just signed up with your company two days ago. I wanted to let you know that I just got my first order from a lady in Glendale, AZ who said she found me at AppraiserUSA.com after "googling" appraisers in Texas.."
Jim Make - James Make & Associates

"Also, just to let you know, I think Appraiser USA is excellent!... and a good source of income for me.. thank you so much."
Beth Strycharz - Real Estate Appraiser

"Just to let you know I am very happy with the results from your website and I am willing to pay for the top position. Return on investment has been the best with your website compared to other internet advertising. I am listed with other directory's including some pay per click advertising on yahoo and google. Appraiser USA is by far the best."
Anthony J. Barret, Barrett Appraisal Service

"Thank you, Wayne, for a very satisfying relationship. We thank you for all the business we get from your website. Whatever you do to advertise it seems to work as we continue to receive many appraisal orders and have met some very nice clients."
Sandra Kendall, Appraiser/CEO - Kendall & Associates, Inc.

"I want to thank you for your wonderful site. I have received many appraisal requests in just the past few months since I joined the site. Truly, a great product."
Shirleyann Colonna - SC Appraisal

"Hardly a day goes by that I don't get a call from someone who picked my name up from AppraiserUSA.com. 20-30% of my business now comes from my listing with you."
Marvin E. Lopata - Marvin E. Loptata and Associates

"By the way, one of my largest and best clients found me on AppraiserUSA approximately six years ago. They have ordered, and paid for, over 500k in appraisal fees in that time, so the site definitely is worth the investment!."
Syd Warburton - WSH, LLC

"I have been listed with your company for several months. I am thrilled, I have received more referrals from your website than any other source of advertisement."
Nanci Zaccaria - Out West Appraisers

"I got more business from Appraiser USA than all other similar services combined! Keep up the good work."
Chris Van Slooten, SRA - Advanced Appraisal Services, Inc.

"I posted on the free side of the AppraiserUSA and within less than two days of my listing being posted I immediately started to receive approximately 3 orders a week. At that rate it's now becoming extremely apparent that by paying the fee to stay in the top five I could maintain a steady flow of new appraisal orders, even during the slow times. I'd highly recommend appraisers joining the site, just no one else from my state. "
Otis Key - Key & Key

"Just a quick note of gratitude for your web site AppraiserUSA.com. I hesitantly purchased two number one spots for two of the counties I do business in. Within two weeks, I have already received two requests for appraisals, one from each county! Needless to say I am pleased that the system works and that I have locked in the number one spot for these counties. I encourage any other appraisers to pay for the top spots and look forward to the requests come in."
Gary Leduc -  A-1 Appraisal Service

"Also Wayne wanted to say that the appraiserusa.com gave me this past week four orders. And I have been tracking about 2 orders a month from appraiserusa.com."
Ryan Nyberg - Nyberg Appraisals

"Thanks for your great service! And honestly, the best thing I did over the past few months was to get on your top 5 with appraiserusa.com. I have gotten a number of calls and jobs from that listing. Thanks!"
Doranne Godwin - Harold A. Godwin and Associates

"Signed up for AppraiserUSA.com (3-counties, preferred listings) on Monday 10/27. Have had two orders and an inquiry so far (wed, 10/30 - 2:40pm). I'm impressed!"
Paul Batterson, CONPAL Valuation

"Just wanted to let you know, that we receive at least 1 order a week from being on your directory."
Jan Ziozios, Eisenbraun Appraisal Group, Inc

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with your appraisal directory (AppraiserUSA.Com). I am also signed up on three other popular directories. I have received at least three times the number of orders from AppraiserUSA versus the other directories...just thought you would like to know!"
Douglas Mackay, MRA

"I just wanted to let you know that I am paying for five different appraiser directory listings and I have not received one order from the other directories. (Some I have been with one year and do not intend to re-enlist for another year. Yet I have received about 18 orders in 6 months from the traffic to your directory. It is obvious you are not one of those who rakes the money in but doesn't spend time and money promoting the website. Whatever you are doing, it is working. Just thought you ought to know. Keep up the good work."
Ruth Potulin - Horizon Appraisal Services

"It has been one of the best investments I have made. I have had a number of clients call, and they have mentioned your Web site as the reason they have called. I have had clients from Florida to California tell me they use your site to find their appraisers. The small amount I paid has repaid itself many times over. I recommend it to everyone, except my competitors, as the best way to reach new clients on the Internet."
Jim McGrath - McGrath Appraisal and Consulting Service

"Appraising is still a VERY crazy time out in California. However, just wanted you to know that we moved our listing up to first place in two of our primary service areas (approx. 4-6 weeks ago?). The placement paid for itself today! Thank you. I never expect ANYTHING on the web to make me money. But am always thrilled when it at least pays for itself."
Lori A. Reische - Reische Appraisal Service

"I am very please with the exposure that we get from the AppraiserUSA Directory . Our listing place in one of the top 5 positions. Most of the calls come from new clients. In the last 3 months we received at least one call a day !!!"
Gady Amor, IFA - The Recht and Recht Company

"Gotta tell ya........I have been registered on your site for just about a month. WE have had four (4) inquiries and two (2) orders during this brief period. VERY impressive, since we have yet to get a single call from other sites that promise more than you do and deliver considerably less, and over a significantly longer period of time! It is always much appreciated when someone takes on a task, stands behind their product, and succeeds in doing so. Congratulations, thanks, and keep up the good work !"
Doug Kues - BOSS General Appraisal

"Hi Wayne! New out of state bank client contact called today. He indicated that our firm is listed 'on all three'of the appraiser search sites that he checked, hence he assumes we are technologically advanced. BUT (and here's the cheers part) on further inquiry:
The bank ONLY LETS him use Appraisers from the AppraiserUSA site!!!
Keep up the good work!"
Lee Ann Patterson, Pres. - Martin Real Estate Services, LLC

"I found your website to be one of the most productive in bringing me work and the service and efficiency have been most appreciated!"
Jeanne Conner

"I am so happy I got on with you I have already gotten 4 jobs from it. That is less than three weeks. Thank you again."
John Ericsson - Ericsson Appraisal Service

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